Monday, May 23, 2016

Music Video Finale

Hoi people and animals of this world and our current project for the amazing GT class is music videos. Music videos are short films that is quickly edited and also uses many unique and creative visuals to support a lip sync and voice over. The song that we chose was The Reckless and the Brave made by All Time Low and its about being tired and leaving the normal people to be our own person. Our story is about these four kids being tired of their normal life and running away to meet up with each other at a later parts then just hanging out and being cool. Lyrics in our video is about a guy realizing the truth to life and leaves his normal life to become cool and careless because he hates regular life.

B: Describe your favorite fast-edit montage sequence.
My favorite fast-edited sequence is

                                                                           C: How does this music vid showcase your best work?
Our G.T. class uses music videos as an end of the year projects so it has to showcase everything we learn throughout the year. It supposed to show what we learn in filming, editing, and working together as a team in our projects. We have to show we can work with each other by understanding each of our plans and opinions so we know how we can split up work and when we can meet up with each other. You have to show many unique shot types and make sure you have the elements of filming in order to show that you can master the art of filming. Finally you show what you learn in editing by adding effects at proper times and and making sure your audio and clips are balanced so they aren't loud.

Embedded VIMEO  minutes of the Song Lyrics used 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Animated Life Lessons

P1T8 Trio Finds Commonality from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

I: Tell us about your teammates’ personal character traits & how your story exaggerates who they are.
Ho!!! People and animals of this world I am the gamingKat and today in G.T. we make a short humorous film with the puppet war animation technique that i talked about last post. In order to make this animation we hade to split up into teams with people who we never worked with.
B: Explain how you will use humor in your story and how your life lesson or message will relate to us.

C: Considering you’ve never worked together before, describe your team’s level of productivity, biggest challenge & best moment during production.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Character Development

HOI!!! I am the gaming kat but you can call me kaz and today I am learning what is puppet warp animations. Puppet warps have to show your true character inside of you such as personality and I am going to explain the type of person I am. I think I'm mostly weird because of the things I say and the randomness of my humor and jokes that I make an laugh at. Also I like having the feeling of action such as having superpowers which makes me make sound effects in my life for some reason this kinda also adds to my randomness.
The things I plan to exaggerate Is feeling like I have powers such as telekinetic throwing and invisibility and also just being silly. When using puppet warp you can do any thing like inflating, flying, and having weird spastic seizures so that means I can make me have telekinetic powers and invisibility It might not be easy but it's possible. Also I can edit the warp to make it look like its moving so I decided to make it so it looks like I have a stretchy leg at the beginning and thats how I get into the frame giving the silly part about me.

There are steps to create your own puppet warp character and luckily I can tell you those steps so you can show it off to your friends. The first step is taking your pictures and a green screen is recommended so you can select yourself easier and you have to keep your arms and legs spread because you have to pin your arms and legs in order for them to move with more quality. Second you upload the pictures to your computer and select your self in each pictures in photoshop and then cut them out so you just have your body then you can feather and smooth the picture until you like what you see. Then you go to edit And select puppet warp this will allow you to pin parts of your body and control them like a puppet and then you can open your animation.

    Thursday, March 17, 2016

    .MOV Film Festival

    Hello people to the humans and cats of this planet I am Kaz Kat and My current project is to make a film festival project to make an animation, sitcom, or movie trailer which you can tell a story with or make someone laugh. All film project has keywords which is the main ideas about the story and should connect to the viewer and my key words are Adventure, Cliche, Frustration, Discovery, and Comedy. My keywords connects with the audience because in the story it is an adventure but it points out all the cliches inside of this movie about the discovery of power and when the narrator gets frustrated it makes it comedic.

    Every film show or movie has an overall message and our overall message is to make others laugh. We do this by pointing out overused filming strategies or cliches and make the narrator have savage comebacks against reading his script which he points out how overused this cliche is. The massage it gives is so you realize how much movies and movie trailers has cliches and why it is so bad when you use them making your film as plain as the others. I think our movie trailer will make people laugh though because we added so real good comebacks, a ironic song, and quality acting with me being the super evil and Russian general Kaze. It does sound stupid but it will be awesome and funny and it will probably make you laugh.

    the biggest challenge we ever faced during our project was when we had to film in 12 different locations so we tried to get as much b-roll as we need in one location so we can move to another under a strict time limit. We filmed at the Kappa high school, Sleeping giant trail, and my friend houses. it took us a while to know what scenes we needed because we kept changing and debating on what scene to do next and sometimes the actor cannot come and film making one of our scenes missing.

    Monday, February 1, 2016

    Hockney Style Joiners

    HOI People and cats of the world my name is Kaz Kat and our recent G.T. assignment  is making photomontages. Photomontages are abstract photos made by taking photos of a subject then rearranging, cutting, and gluing them together into one whole photo. David Hockney is a famous British artist that influenced in pop art by making photomontages out of cut up old pictures or newer pictures he took and pasting them all together to make a new picture. The way we made our photo montages is taking pictures and uploading them to the computer to edit them in an editing software.

    Some photos can be described by the message that was sent to the viewer like having a good message or a bad message sent to them. There are ways that photos can send out positive messages like having nice visuals and bright colors. But messages with a bad message kinda has an ominous theme to it or just having darker colors.  
    The message I intend to send to the audience to see is how many animals I have and care about and how different they are from each other and how they are similar to each other. I really care for animals and I have a bunch to take care of at my home arranging to my cats dogs fish bunny and turtle. But because of my animals being in different spots I decided to just focus on my cat. It was kinda hard because it kept moving so I had to retake the photos every time he ran.

    Friday, January 22, 2016

    2016 Aspirations

    Hello people of the world and a happy new year I am Kaz Kat and I am here to list and tell you about My goals at being different than my 2015 self and I should start By saying I should make sure my "I" is capitol when I am writing or typing because when I look over my old work I start to realize All the un capitol "I" That I have been making. Another thing I should do is asking people for help on something that I might not know about or if something is happening. Another goal for me is to try to learn new hobbies like making music for a video game. I think that I should make stream video games and send it to my friends to see if they want to watch me play games. My final goal is to try to be more social about most situations and try to make new friends.

    One of my most important goals is being social and confident because I am only confident talking to some people like my family or friends. I don't know why I am shy to meet new people but I am and it feels terrible not talking to them and being silent. I am practicing how to talk to people because my parents teach me because I do have very bad anxiety problems and sometimes I have panic attacks if I get to distressed. I mostly get distressed by big groups of people that I don't really know but I am learning how to talk to those people if needed. I think I can beat this anxiety and stop being afraid of people and make new friends.
    There are steps to succeed in my 2016 goals Like my parents helping me learn how to talk to people and learn how to excuse them if an accident happens. Step one already has a head start which is to   learn how to talk to new people about cool subjects and talking louder so people can hear me and what I am saying. Another step could be helping people if they need it or assisting in projects that people need help with. Step 3 is to talk to people about what type of subjects that they like and learn what people like these days. I could also talk to adults and ask what type of job they have and what they had to study to get that job.

    Monday, November 30, 2015

    Scratch Game Design

    Chase game [above]

    platformer game [below]

    HELLO!!! humans and cats of the earth I am Kaz Kat and I am learning the magic you call Coding video games. I played many video games all my life like RPG, First person shooters, Platformers, Open world sandboxes, and adventure games and using the knowledge I've gotten from playing these games to make this game. In my game I used sprites from one of my favorite games Binding of Isaac which is A dungeon crawler RPG game about A child (Isaac) Who escapes his mom who wants to kill him because a voice of god told her to by jumping into a basement. this is where he has to fight with his tears to kill monsters, Demons, Freaks, and flies to find a way to stop his mother and choose his fate. My game I made the enemies have different A.I. so their not all the same and instead of points I made Health that decreases every time he gets hit by a monster. The way you win is to survive the monsters for Fifty seconds and a cool thing about my game is that is you die there is a death note and if you win you get a winner screen. I even found sound effects from the game and I used some for the noises that the monsters make and one for taking damage and dying but I still want to put music from the game into mine but I don't know how make it so I am not stealing it.